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Sweet Dreams Are Made of These - ::NCIS-Fanfiction::

About Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

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Title: Sweet Dreams Are Made of These
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: PG
Characters/pairings: Tony/[Lieutenant Commander Voss/Amanda Reed], Kate, Gibbs, Ducky
Warnings (including spoilers): Massive spoilers for S1E19 'Dead Man Talking.' Mild transphobia, no more than what was on the show.
Wordcount: Either 1,029 or 1,057 words, I give up choosing which counter to believe.
Author's note: Written for the queer_fest
prompt 'Tony was clearly upset about having kissed a MtF transexual, but it wasn't because Amanda Reed used to be a guy; it was because she murdered a good friend of his. Of course, playing up that he hated kissing a guy is good cover in a pseudo-military organization, too.'
Summary: Tony couldn't stop thinking that he'd kissed the man who killed his friend.

Now with sequel linked at end of story!
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