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Fic: The End of the Line. - ::NCIS-Fanfiction::

About Fic: The End of the Line.

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Title: End of The Line.

Author: joaniexjony

Words: Aprox 64,000

Warnings: Torture, I do some really mean stuff to Tony in this one! But there's only a little bad language.

Disclaimers: NCIS isn't mine. If it was I would hang around the bull pen every day!

Summary:When Tony gets abducted he doesn't know who his assailants are or why they took him. His main goal - staying alive. Gibbs pulls out all the stops to find him but in the middle of the search his team is called out to a murder… Don't worry I don't kill him! This is a Tony/Gibbs story (not slash) but all the team make an appearance. Hope you enjoy the ride!


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